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Mecer computers and laptops

Mecer is a South African manufacturer. The Mecer brand is manufactured by Mustek Pty Ltd.

Mustek is South Africa's leading branded assembler and distributor of PCs, notebooks and related products. The Group's PC and notebookdivision, Mecer, is one of South Africa's top-selling PC brands. Other divisions within Mustek support the PC assembly operation by importing and distributing components and peripherals, or providing networking and specialised services. Mustek's strategic position between international manufacturers and the local market adds considerable value to the regional ICT industry through local assembly, branding and marketing. This value chain is supported by keen pricing due to our ability to finance deals at attractive rates and obtain bulk discounts on consolidated shipments. Although PCs, notebooks and related peripherals are currently the mainstream of our business, Mustek will remain abreast of industry developments and will continue to offer well priced, locally branded versions of whatever hardware replaces the present generation of PC products.

Mustek's brands

Mecer is the dominant South African PC brand, which is supported by a stable of quality imported brands. The Zinox brand in Nigeria, a joint venture between Mustek, Nigerian and French companies, is making inroads into West Africa. The strategic positioning of Mustek's branches, and our extensive dealer network, ensures that Mustek on-site maintenance and support services remains the benchmark against which all competitors in Africa must be measured.

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