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Cheap laptops

Where to buy really cheap laptops / notebooks

Are you looking for cheap laptops from one of the following brands: Acer, HP, LG, Sony, ThinkPad, Lenovo, Fujitsu-Siemens and other cheap laptop brands?
We supply laptops priced from R 5,000 to above R 18,000.

People choose us over our competitors for the following reasons: we sell only top name international and local brands, we have a user friendly website, we offer products at competitive prices, we offer free and fast delivery, we have an efficient and friendly after sales service, we offer timely responses to enquiries and we are the first to market new laptop models.

At, you can find a cheap laptops in a variety of methods. If you need to view specific laptop brands, use the tabs at the top, this is useful when you are looking for cheap laptops from top manufacturers such as HP, Sony, IBM Lenovo, Fujitsu-Siemens, LG, and Acer.

Where to buy really cheap netbooks

A netbook is a small, compact portable computer and usually does not include a CD/DVD or Blu-Ray drives. The portable computer is used to compliment your main computer or laptop and is connected to the Internet or network via 3G / HSDPA or WiFi (wireless).

Netbook vs Laptop

The laptop is larger and more powerful than a netbook.

The following options are available with your new laptop / notebook:

Microsoft ® Office suites (DSP)

Microsoft ® Office DSP does not include a CD and is only an activation key. If the laptop you purchase does not include Microsoft ® Office pre-installed ("Microsoft ® Office ready" laptop), then you will need to download the Microsoft ® Office images or order the free Microsoft ® Office backup CD. The Microsoft ® Office backup CD can only be ordered once the key has been purchased.

Microsoft ® Office suites (Retail version)

Microsoft ® Office suites (Retail version) includes a CD. The retail version of Office is not bound to a specific computer or laptop, and may be removed and re-installed on a different computer or laptop. However, it is important to remember that the Office may only be used under license per machine. This means that you cannot use the Office software on more than one computer, and if the Office is transfered, it must be deleted from the first computer / laptop.

Microsoft 365

Office 365 is a subscription service where users pay a monthly fee to use the service. Office 365 is cloud based with the software hosted on external servers.
The advantage of Office 365 is that a user gets the full set of Microsoft Office apps for as long as they need, without an upfront payment.
The disadvantage is that the user needs to pay to keep using it, and a permanent internet connection is required.

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