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Why buy from us?

How to spot a fly-by-night?
Fly-by-nights do sell products cheaper, and they continue to trade for a few months. They provide inferior after-sales service, and when they do close down without warning, they leave their victims out of pocket, with no warranty and no support.

Beat my quote

We regret that the "Beat My quote" service has been discontinued due to the number of illegitimate and fly-by-night quote requests that we receive.

Fly-by nights may be cheaper, they may seem legitimate, but we will no longer quote against entities that come and go, or who provide vasty inferior service to our own.
  • We are a successful business, and have been for many years
  • We are registered at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)
  • We are a VAT registered vendor
  • We have the experience and expertise to offer quality products and superior after-sales service to our customers
  • Our business is financially stable, guaranteeing you stable support in the future
  • We are an official and preferred reseller of hundreds of quality brands
  • We are an established brand and we have won several awards for superior service. We are a top South African reseller and we have won several awards for best performing reseller in South Africa.

This warning was posted by Asus South Africa back in 2012 and the warning remains relevant, kindly note that we are not obliged to carry the warranty for any of the other companies.

Dear Great ASUS Fans 5 October, 2012

When purchasing ASUS products online, be careful of which companies you chose to purchase from.
Yes, some of the items might be cheaper than what it is being retailed for in South Africa.
But a cheaper price can't make up for bad service and no peace of mind.
We were recently informed that some consumers paid a certain online website to purchase our notebooks and tablet range.
After no delivery was made within the promised period.. upon following up, the consumers found out that the website closed down and that was the last time they saw their money.

See our "Where to Buy" section on Facebook to see all our authorised ASUS resellers, both retail and online.

Thank you.
Asus South Africa
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